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Half a Moon is a fourteen day multifandom challenge celebrating female characters, which will run from February 1 through Valentine’s Day.

We have some really cool stuff planned like a Friending meme, daily prompt posts, a rec meme, a podfic anthology...

Halfamoon is on Livejournal, Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

Hope to see you there!
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The 2013 Femslash Exchange collection is LIVE! Check all the stories about awesome women loving awesome women!
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A few hours early for your prompting pleasure...

The Fifth Annual Femslash Kink Meme is OPEN!
Prompts open at 11:59PM EST Tuesday, September 10are now open!

Prompts will CLOSE at 11:59PM on Thursday, September 12.
Fills will open at 12:01AM Friday, September 13!

Got questions about posting or prompting or why there's an end date (but not really an end date)? We've added an FAQ to our profile.
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I Saw Three Ships is a threesomes Secret Santa. (Announcement entry on Dreamwidth, [profile] 3_ships_feed to follow announcements here.)

It's multi-fandom, open to all gender combinations, and we expect to have a lot of fun. Try it, you'll like it!

Read the rules and then signup.

If you don't like exchanges, we invite you to put your hand in the Cookie Jar on An Archive of Our Own. The Cookie Jar is a threesomes prompt fest running alongside I Saw Three Ships. Feel free to leave a prompt or take a prompt. All sorts of fan activity are gleefully accepted in the Cookie Jar.

Relevant dates:

Monday, September 24: signups open
Monday, October 22: Last day of signups
Sunday, October 28: assignments sent out
Saturday, December 29: Stories due by 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5).
This is a hard and fast deadline, due to the seasonal nature of the project.
Thursday, January 5: Cookies due by 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)
Friday, January 6 (Three Kings Day): stories posted
Friday, January 13: authors revealed
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A little early (yay!):

(Click above!)
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More Information

KISSES II is a multifandom f/f podfic fest in celebration of the upcoming International Day of Femmeslash (July 14th). Join us as we kiss and tell!
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Sign ups are currently open for the St. Trinian's Fic Exchange! Come and join us!

Important information:

Sign ups: Now-June 15th
Assingments sent out as soon as possible afterwards.
Due Date: July 31st
Collection goes live as soon as possible afterwards.
Length: Minimum of 1000 words.
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Tune in tonight to Allaine's Femslash4Fans radio show to hear Carson D. Fletcher, QH Fletcher, Jojo Stratton, and A. Sadie Timm discuss...

Like our Facebook Page
TofR on LJ
TofR on DW

The Concept.... )

The Story... )
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The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II is now available for download at [community profile] halfamoon! This collection includes 104 short woman-centered stories by 86 different authors and read by 47 different readers, several of whom are trying out podfic for the first time. The stories come from 64 different fandoms, some of which have not been podficced before, and add up to just over seven and a half hours. Please come check it out! You can download the whole collection as a podbook or zip file or browse for individual files, sorted by fandom.

Cover art by [personal profile] bessyboo
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, text over collage of 144 women's faces
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II
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As part of [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon's annual celebration of female characters running now through the 14th, some of us are putting together a collection of woman-centric podfics in a variety of fandoms. Since these podfics are all short (less than 1500 words), it could be a great first project for someone who's new to podfic. If you'd like to join us or even just suggest a story for someone else to record, come check out the announcement and sign-up post on LJ or on Dreamwidth!
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(click the image for the link!)

Prompting open NOW until 11:59pm EST July 17
Fills begin at Midnight EST July 18 until 11:59 pm EST July 31!
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Here is the schedule for the International Day of Femslash Sam and Janet Ficathon:

May 6th, 2011, Friday: Opening of sign ups for authors, artists and vidders. Official post for sign ups and prompts post created for prompt submission.

July 4th, 2011, Monday: Close of sign ups and last day to withdraw from the ficathon. Close of official prompts post.

July 13th, 2011, Wednesday: Stories, graphics and videos due no later than midnight Pacific Standard Time. (You may submit your entry at any time before this date.)

July 16th, 2010, Saturday, International Day of Femslash: Release of entries from the queue.

The ficathon/community rules can be found here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask via comment in this post, or by contacting me by private message or email.
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[community profile] scully_slash and it's LJ sister comm ([info]scully_slash) is runnning a ficathon for this year's International Day of Femslash to celebrate Dana Scully -- the woman who set the standard for "Smart is Sexy!"

Since the show didn't really provide much opportunity to pair Scully up with women until the ninth season, crossovers and original female characters are not only allowed, but desired! Action, romance, fluff, smut, case files, etc. The kinds of stories are endless... as are the lovely women out there who can be paired up with Scully. Drabble to novels, G-rated to NC17, and anything in between!

Signups will be open until Friday, July 1st.

Stories will be due on Wednesday, July 13th for the reveal on Saturday July 16th.

You can submit prompts in this post.
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[community profile] trek_het, your one-stop shop for hetfic for all incarnations of Star Trek, is up and running on Dreamwidth. All pairings and ratings are welcome. Come on by to read or post some het-flavored Trek lovin'!

[community profile] trek_het

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Wow! It's already October!  Am I the only one wondering where all the time has gone? It won't be long now for the Sam and Janet Ficathon. You still have to the end of the month to sign up and/or leave prompts.

October 31st, 2010, Sunday
: Close of sign ups and last day to withdraw from the ficathon. Close of official prompts post.

November 7th, 2010, Sunday: Stories, graphics and videos due no later than midnight Pacific Standard Time. (You may submit your entry at any time before this date.)

November 11th, 2010, Thursday: Release of entries from the queue.

If you have any questions, please comment, PM, or email me.
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Prompting Closes at Midnight EST June 4th
Fill Until Midnight EST June 20th!

(Click Above)
Any Fandom, Any Pairing
Prompt, Write, Enjoy
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The Second Annual Femslash Kink Meme will be opening on midnight, May 31st--in roughly a week!

Because last year's meme was a success, we've decided to host the meme on it's own community, [community profile] femslash_kink, rather than on [personal profile] cleo, from now on. You don't have to join the comm or be a member of Dreamwidth to participate, of course.

Posting will be closed to members for the duration of the meme, but after it closes, posting will be opened for any and all femslash kink fic!

So, check out [community profile] femslash_kink!


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