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Title: Then Beggars Would Ride
Author: ciaan
Fandom: Supernatural/RPF crossover AU
Pairings: Dean/Carmen, Jared/Sandy, Jared/Dean, Dean/Carmen/Jared/Sandy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: And they all lived happily ever after. 2,858 words.
Notes: This is an AU of the djinn wishverse from episode 2.20, What Is And What Should Never Be, with some different characters.

Carmen meets him when she rolls into the garage to get her brakes fixed and walks out with the phone number of the hot mechanic who spends the whole time trying not to seem like he's staring at her.
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I did a reccing project for [community profile] ladiesbigbang that might be relevant to some of y'all's interests; it ended up clocking in at 160 fic recs in 74 fandoms, featuring 207 awesome women.

The whole shebang can be found at [community profile] notwellbehaved, but I'd recommend starting at the tags page. I tagged each rec with fandom, pairing/threesome/whatever, completed or wip, and content warnings (from "abuse" to "zombies").

There's gen, het, femslash, and poly (threesomes and vees), happy endings and character studies and apocalypses, original characters and minor characters and iconic badasses. A little bit of everything I love, basically.
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Looking for something new to read? I've just updated my rec list of female character–centered fics in SPN fandom with several great new stories. Check them out!
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Title: Cracked Stars Shining 28/?
Author: [personal profile] azephirin / abi z.
Fandoms: SPN/HP/Jossverse crossover
Summary: For some, the war is over; others are still living battle to battle. New York is good place to lie low for a while, but no one can hide forever.
Pairings: Hermione/Dean Winchester, Sam/Ginny, various others in background
Rating: NC-17 overall; this part R/NC-17 for depictions of the aftermath of violence to / torture of children.

(Part Twenty-eight)

Intro and previous parts linked here
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Title: A Taxing Endeavor
Author: [personal profile] azephirin / abi z.
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Summary: AU. In which Sam is incapable of suffering silently, and Jess exercises the better part of valor.
Rating: G. No, seriously.
Word count: 300
Spoilers: Pilot, in a fluffy AU way.
Disclaimer: All your intellectual property is not belong to me.

( a taxing endeavor )
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AU/AR week at spn_bitesized

Come celebrate the women of Supernatural with us this week at [community profile] spn_bitesized! We welcome any and all prompts featuring the women of Supernatural - angels and demons, hunters and civilians, young and old, dead and living - and we'd love to have more prompts and fanworks featuring these fabulous women!


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