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It’s not about the competition.
It’s not about the quality of the writing, the vidding, the recording, or the graphics.
It’s not about the better, the superior, the greater
It’s about all about spreading the LOVE.

[ profile] st_respect is hosting a Star Trek fanworks festival and we want you!
Join us for 6 weeks of Shipping, Creativity, and all things Trek during
Trekstock 2013*.
Find out more at [ profile] st_respect

*Trekstock encourages the practice of safe and loud fandom-wide orgies, please party responsibly.

We've changed things a bit to allow more casual participation, and to encourage all types of fanworks.  Stop by and take a look!
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for [personal profile] muccamukk

Amber // Craig Armstrong
Wavin' Flag // K'naan
Go With The Flow // Queens Of The Stone Age
Blue Orchid // The White Stripes
Speechless // Alain Johannes
Cold War // Janelle Monae
Here I Am // Nicki Minaj
Everybody Got Their Something // Nikka Costa
After The Storm // Mumford And Sons
Cover Me // Bjork
Smiley Faces // Gnarls Barkley
One Chance // Modest Mouse


Art kindly provided by [personal profile] hawkbub
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Title: The Annotated Adventures of the Lady Pirate Nyota Uhura and her Captain, James Kirk
: [info]tallycola 
Rating: PG13
Genre: Action-adventure, drama, romance, historical AU with a light steampunk twist
Characters/Pairings: Uhura, Kirk/Bones, Sulu/Chekov, (Uhura/)Spock, Scotty, Gaila
Warnings: (highlight to read) Frank (but brief) portrayal of real life historical slavery, including attempted rape. Pirate adventure movie style violence.

Summary: In the Indian Ocean in the 1790s, an escaped slave girl joins up with a ragtag team of pirates to avenge her sister's death at the hands of the notorious star-man, Nero.
Author's Notes: Written for LJ's trekreversebang. I have taken a few liberties with history, both in making it a steampunk AU and glossing over details about slavery, etc. My characters are also pretty anachronistic, because that's how I like my wacky historical AUs. :-) However if I make any glaring errors or mistakes please do not hesitate to let me know, I would be happy to look it over again.

Fic: Starts here at my livejournal!
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Hello, awesome community with awesome interests! I think I have something relevant to your interests: [ profile] where_no_woman's First Anniversary Ficathon! Prompting is going on now and will continue be through the end of this week, at which time they will be posted for claiming for fanworks (fic of 1000+ words as well as art) due in June.

This ficathon (and community) is inclusive of all the ladies who have ever appeared on Star Trek, so of particular note is that while TOS/reboot characters are getting lots of prompts, the numbers are significantly less for the women of TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. 90s ladies need love too! Come even out the playing field!

You're invited. :)

(NB: membership not necessary to prompt; though the main community is conducted on LJ, there is also an AO3 collection and I am happy to work with writers uncomfortable posting to LJ ♥)


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