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The Shipping Forecast (7368 words) by dueltastic
Fandom: Foyle's War
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Christopher Foyle/Hilda Pierce
Characters: Hilda Pierce, Christopher Foyle, Sir Alec Meyerson, Major Eric Stafford
Additional Tags: Older Characters, Older Woman, Women Being Awesome, Women In Power, Women in the Military, Female Anti-Hero, Cold War, Espionage, Trope Bingo Round 3, Mind Games, Spies & Secret Agents, Radio, BBC, 1940s
Summary: One of them thinks it's a story about a defector. One of them thinks it's a story about trust. One of them knows the story, all except how it ends.  Set in Season 8, no specific spoilers after Season 3.

And some Hilda squee:

Hilda Pierce (Foyle's War)

I adore Hilda Pierce.  She's an incredibly unusual character on television: a non-glamorous middle-aged woman in a position of power, a female anti-hero who extracts multiple ethical compromises from the hero of the show, who is treated with respect by the show - she's never made to lose in order to make the hero look good, or made to look foolish because she's at odds with him, or softened to become more likable.  (In fact, she has just about none of the traits commonly used to code women as sympathetic.)  She remains intensely competent, complex, ruthless, and in a state of delicate truce with the hero of the show, based on a healthy and cautious mutual respect.  She starts at the Special Operations Executive during the war, the department of dirty tricks that specializes in "ungentlemanly warfare", and later moves into MI5 at the start of the Cold War.  She does necessary and very dirty jobs, which she's tremendously good at and doesn't apologize for.  She's treated with the same dignity as the hero of the show, despite representing the opposite moral view on whether good people should do bad things - and she's definitely one of the good guys, despite what she does.  They show the difference between her, and the people in her job who don't have her integrity.  Even so, she goes some quite dark places at times, especially in her later appearances; morality around her is not always simple, and not always comfortable.  But basically her role is to quietly and efficiently out-bad-ass everyone around her.

She's a bit of a love-her-or-hate-her character; she gets a lot of respect because the show treats her very well, but she can be a tough sell for some viewers.  She's also somewhere between an occasional recurring character and a series regular, which means she's not really one of the first characters people name on the show, and it's a tiny fandom that doesn't produce a lot of fic, which basically adds up to not a lot of Hilda fic at all, and not much visibility of Hilda fans.  That's a shame, because she's a tremendously unusual and well-done character, and several sorts of subtle and complex and fun.
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To quote [personal profile] liv: Helen S Wright: A matter of oaths, which you can download free from her website has lots of awesome women in space. It does have some romance, but mainly m/m, the women are too busy being awesome to bother with relationships. It's not quite up there with the Vorkosigan saga, but it's a similar type of thing and very readable.

I also just read it and enjoyed it, and now I want fic or a sequel with Rallya continuing to be awesome in space. Does anyone want to join me in my fandom of one?
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7 female characters I love that I'm calling my halfamoon7. It's a mini-spam, a favorite quote, a brief explanation of their awesome, and ten icons.

Gwen (Merlin) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: Sunshine in a golden package.

Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: When I'm feeling a little down, I watch a Faith episode.

Donna Noble (Doctor Who) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: All the universe sings her song.

Cara Mason (Legend of the Seeker) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: Do you need to walk into Mordor? Send in Cara.

Diana Barrigan (White Collar) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: If you want something done right the first time, assign Diana.

Kahlan Amnell (Legend of the Seeker) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: BAMC stands for Bad Ass Mother Confessor.

Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy) [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
THE SHORT VERSION: I want to be Miranda Bailey when I grow up.

Extraordinary Mentions
When saving the world is always on the to-do list -- [Livejournal] [Dreamwidth]
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Female Character Friending Meme: Dreamwidth | Livejournal

Come and play! There's a wide variety of fandoms and fabulous female characters represented already.
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Mongol is a 2007 film about the early life of Genghis Khan (Temudgin). It was shot in Mongolia, entirely in the Mongolian language, which alone is enough to qualify as insanely cool. However, what really steals the show for me is the awesome female characters: Temudgin's amazing wife Borte and his tough-as-nails mother Oelun.

(Picspam: The Women of "Mongol")
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I created this squee/rec/picspam thing for halfamoon over on LJ last February, but I thought this comm might appreciate it as well! There don't seem to have been any anime/manga fandoms posted about so far, so I thought I might as well start. :)

Kaze Hikaru is a historical shoujo manga set during the time of the Meiji Revolution in the 1860s. Tominaga Sei is the story’s crossdressing heroine. She shaves the top of her head in a boy's hairstyle, takes on the name "Kamiya Seizaburo," and joins the Shinsengumi (a shogunate police force) in order to avenge her family’s death at the hands of anti-shogunate rebels. After her family’s murderer is killed, she stays with the Shinsengumi because she has learned a samurai’s love for comrades and ideals, and a young woman’s love for one particular comrade, Okita Souji.

'A flower-like demon! Kamiya Seizaburo, a.k.a. Tominaga Sei, 16 years old. This flower who blossomed at the Ikedaya Affair...was too young to even realize she was a flower.' )
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Hello, fellow awesome enthusiasts. Today I would like to talk to you about why you are watching Southland starting NOW.

Three Words. Detective Adams' Shotgun. Warning: Guns are displayed and violence is discussed with some profanity. )

Bascially, there's tons of reasons to be watching this show, starting with the intensely tight writing and ending with the beautifully realized characters played with grace and strength and humanity (<-- that oft missing feeling that what you're seeing is real, that these people and their choices matter). But the best reasons, of course, are the AWESOME WOMEN!

If you've got any Women of Southland Love, let's see it in the comments. This post is not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination.
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Hi, [community profile] shes_awesome! I have recently posted a fuck you, she's awesome list of seven women I love, with squeeful explanations, and a follow-up of thirty, not bothering with the explanations, because fuck you, she's awesome.

Recommendations of more women to flail over for part iii welcome!


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