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Hey all, I drew two awesome ladies from Supergirl today and thought I'd share. I haven't waxed poetic about Supergirl here before - but the show should be right up this comm's alley: loads and loads of awesome female characters: heroes, villains, best friends, sisters, daughters, yes and a lovely lesbian couple: Alex & Maggie.

Title: Alex&Maggie
Rating: G
Medium: pencil
Note: drawn from a screenshot from the series 2 finale (no spoilers though)

I really love especially how Alex is handled in the show - she's the title heroine's sister and their relationship always is the most important for Supergirl - even when love interests (later on) turn up. spoilers for Supergirl season 2 )

Preview: Maggie cuddling Alex

Full image in my journal.
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This is actually inspired by a fic, but it works on its own as well.

Title Rey meditating
Artist: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: G
Character: Rey
Inspired by: Jacket, Droid, Lightsaber by [personal profile] imaginary_golux
Summary: The fic that inspired this points out that abundant water is a new thing for Rey once she's with the rebels. Apparently she gets fascinated by washing machines and uses them for meditation.

art behind the cut )
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Hi all!

This post is in honour of the wonderful Irene from BBC Sherlock. She inspired me to make art and post my first ever fic here one dw which is basically about Irene being awesome.

Title: You Call It Madness
Author: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: NC17
Pairing: no pairing (one could argue for one-sided Moriarty/Sherlock)
Summary: Moriarty is bored (when is he ever not?) and horny. So he calls Irene to talk about his favourite subject. Set during A Scandal in Belgravia.
Warnings: present tense, discussion of a decidedly non-con fantasy, virgin fetish, and well, come on. It's Moriarty!
Wordcount: 2166

Title: Art for kinkmeme fill
Artist: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: no pairing
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler
Summary: for the prompt: Ace!Sherlock and Lesbian! or Simply-not-attracted-to-Sherlock!Irene Adler bathe together and wash each other's hair.
Warnings: none, some nudity

Title: my first impression of Irene
Artist: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: no pairing
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler
Summary: Summarizes my feelings about her character after A Scandal in Belgravia
Warnings: none


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