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Title: Pull
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: HG/Myka
Rating: explicit
Summary: For the Porn Battle prompts 'alive' and 'hair pulling' and the Kink Bingo square 'painplay (other)'.

Title: Art Of Love
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Bones crossover
Pairing: Penelope Garcia/Angela Montenegro
Rating: teen
Summary: For the Porn Battle prompts 'drawing' and 'sexy'.

Title: Night Flight
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Kon/Cassie/Cissie
Rating: teen
Summary: For the Porn Battle prompt 'beach'.

Title: Strapped
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Tana/AU-girl-Kon
Rating: explicit
Summary: For the Kink Bingo square 'pegging/strap-ons'.
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Title: Passion
Fandom: Sky High
Pairing: Layla/Will/Warren
Rating: R
Summary: Layla's new flower breeding attempt has an unexpected result. 722 words.
Notes: Written for the Porn Battle prompt "sex pollen". On a sex pollen Kinsey scale of fluffy to hinky this is fluffy.
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I Saw Three Ships is a threesomes Secret Santa. (Announcement entry on Dreamwidth, [profile] 3_ships_feed to follow announcements here.)

It's multi-fandom, open to all gender combinations, and we expect to have a lot of fun. Try it, you'll like it!

Read the rules and then signup.

If you don't like exchanges, we invite you to put your hand in the Cookie Jar on An Archive of Our Own. The Cookie Jar is a threesomes prompt fest running alongside I Saw Three Ships. Feel free to leave a prompt or take a prompt. All sorts of fan activity are gleefully accepted in the Cookie Jar.

Relevant dates:

Monday, September 24: signups open
Monday, October 22: Last day of signups
Sunday, October 28: assignments sent out
Saturday, December 29: Stories due by 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5).
This is a hard and fast deadline, due to the seasonal nature of the project.
Thursday, January 5: Cookies due by 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)
Friday, January 6 (Three Kings Day): stories posted
Friday, January 13: authors revealed
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Title: Then Beggars Would Ride
Author: ciaan
Fandom: Supernatural/RPF crossover AU
Pairings: Dean/Carmen, Jared/Sandy, Jared/Dean, Dean/Carmen/Jared/Sandy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: And they all lived happily ever after. 2,858 words.
Notes: This is an AU of the djinn wishverse from episode 2.20, What Is And What Should Never Be, with some different characters.

Carmen meets him when she rolls into the garage to get her brakes fixed and walks out with the phone number of the hot mechanic who spends the whole time trying not to seem like he's staring at her.
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Title: Maidens, Mighty in Wisdom
Author: [personal profile] ninhursag
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Bo/Dyson/Kenzi
Summary: Bo and Kenzi help Dyson after his sacrifice. When you're a succubus and her sidekick, 'help' turns out to have a specific meaning.
Notes/contains: A plot device made them do it. Spoilers for the season finale. Angsty porn. Porny angst? Everything works out okay in the end, don't worry about it.

@dw / @lj / @AO3
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Title: Group Four
Author: abi z. / [personal profile] azephirin
Fandom: Star Trek: XI
Pairings/Characters: Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Pike/Number One, McCoy/OFC, Winona Kirk
Summary: A world in myself, ready to sing.
Rating: R
Spoilers: For the movie.
Word count: 700
Warnings: Consensual sexual power play. References to canon-level violence.
Disclaimer: Not mine, which makes me sadder than you can possibly imagine.
Author's note: More from the Ghosts 'verse.

( 'Til daylight sends me home, flickering I roam. )
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Title: Jargon Wrapping
Author: Hagar
Fandom: Bones
Rating: G
Relationship: Hannah/Seeley, Hannah/Tempe friendship, building towards a threeway.
Summary: because if Hannah is stuck home recovering from surgery, she might as well invite Seeley's partner to dinner first and tell him he's cooking for three later.
Notes: in Undo/Redo continuity. (Link goes to AO3; first part on DW here.)

If the opportunity to invite Tempe over hadn’t been handed to her on a silver platter Hannah should have initiated it anyway. )
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Title: Not Above a Little Supplication
Author: Hagar
Fandom: Bones
Rating: G (slight non-graphic mention of warzone imagery in the first paragraph)
Relationship: Hannah/Tempe friendship, building towards a threeway. (And being that Hannah's last name is Burley, who's for B^3?)
Summary: the closing scene of The Bones that Weren't from Hannah's POV.

Alternate AO3 link.

This one was no house pet but a full-grown lioness of a woman, but Hannah had not learned nothing in the months in which her and Temperance’s lives touched upon each other. )
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I did a reccing project for [community profile] ladiesbigbang that might be relevant to some of y'all's interests; it ended up clocking in at 160 fic recs in 74 fandoms, featuring 207 awesome women.

The whole shebang can be found at [community profile] notwellbehaved, but I'd recommend starting at the tags page. I tagged each rec with fandom, pairing/threesome/whatever, completed or wip, and content warnings (from "abuse" to "zombies").

There's gen, het, femslash, and poly (threesomes and vees), happy endings and character studies and apocalypses, original characters and minor characters and iconic badasses. A little bit of everything I love, basically.


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