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Femslash4Fans Radio at 10pm EDT: Tales of Ryh'na

Tune in tonight to Allaine's Femslash4Fans radio show to hear Carson D. Fletcher, QH Fletcher, Jojo Stratton, and A. Sadie Timm discuss...

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Create a Shared Story World (SSW), a brand-new universe with a detailed "canon" background, and make it available to anyone who wishes to play in it -- to write stories, make videos, draw art, etc.

Ours is not the only SSW out there, but it is the first femslash SSW. It's called Tales of Ryh'na. It merges science fiction and magic as space age colonists clash with the native population of a new planet.

The Earth is dying.

Mankind is on the brink of extinction.

Amidst the fear and desperation a single idea captures the hopes and dreams of an entire population: to colonize a new planet and call it home. The entire world bands together to build ships capable of traveling to the far reaches of the universe.

Fleets spread out across the universe like pollen on the wind.

As the years pass and new generations are born the hope of finding a suitable planet dwindles until they are nothing but a distant dream.

Until they discover Ryh'na.

Ryh'na is abundant with life.

It's people are in harmony with their planet.

They appear to be a less evolved civilization.

But the Ryh are an enigma with skills that negate technology.

Bonded to a living stone, they wield magic as simply as humans breathe.

And they don't welcome the magic-challenged humans that explode into their lives.

Colonization or invasion? Can the people of Earth and Ryh'na ever coexist or will they destroy each other trying?

Join the Tales of Ryh'na to find out.

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