Dec. 28th, 2014

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This week on Maidens:

+ Neither Uzi nor his daughters have any fucks to give about societal expectations; Neri, Karnit and Roie are all quite exasperated with that.
+ Ruthie continues to be the absolute best
+ Roie continues to aid and abet Shelly
+ The Complicatedness of Elinor, Maya and Shelly takes front-and-center.

Other notes.
~ Amir Sawaed's story is based off the documentary Dolphin Boy
+ Maya's involvement with Amir was... the sort of a thing that would've opened either of them to significant violence. Most mixed relationships get through without such violence, but it's always on the table. Neutral-to-positive depiction of that relationship is... not obvious
+ It contributes to what seems to be characterization of Uzi and his daughters as Leftist. Portraying an entire Mizrachi family as Leftist flies in the face of every last stereotype. Letting a family from an Arab-speaking background people (Rejwan is an Iraqi name, and Uzi and Ruthie are shown speaking Arabic between them) in fiction keep this background and be positive about and proud of it is a relatively new phenomenon and a Big Damn Deal (it's politically loaded like whoa). Having this family be anti-racist because of their cultural Arab-ness is radical politics. (Bonus points: Sasson Gabai, who portrayed Uzi, is an Iraqi Jew and was born in Baghdad.)
~ Amir's sister has a name, given in the credits; her name is Raniyah.

Content advisory.
~ Preparing a body for burial (female nudity, soft focus, respectfully done)
~ Roie and Shelly’s vocab
~ Drug use (weed) and sexual behavior (kissing, groping) between a married couple and another man in a domestic setting; seems to be established
~ Discussion of past hard drug use of 15yr old teens
~ Sexism and ablism: one man character (Yinon) consistently uses “crazy” and similar words to dismiss the opinions of several women, his wife included

Streaming: here.
Download: directions for FF here, a similar solution for Chrome should exist.


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