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Probably showing my age , but thinking this morning about the two secretaries on the original Hawaii Five-O, May and Jenny. They were awesome, though I connect more with May than with Jenny. Imagine having to ride herd on all those men, especially Steve McGarrett.

Much of the time, secretaries and administrators, etc. are forgotten or just stock characters. One of my few arguments with Battle Creek is the Milt-hungry coroner. in the last episode, one of the detectives was trying out an idea on her, and all she really cared about was seeing Milt. Not a good representation, in my opinion. When you actually stop and think about them, the secretaries, etc. are just as important as the active characters - can't have one without the other.

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I don't think I saw the original show when it was airing, as I was born in the eighties, but I saw it on reruns, and you're correct about those two ladies. They are absolutely awesome. And I wish more secretaries/administrative women were as awesome as they were.