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Maidens e06

This episode on Maidens:

~ Shelly and Roie explore the Hidden Lake, and uncover a startling discovery
~ Neri attempts to interview Uzi, but he’s let Karnit bribe him with pastries into letting her come, and…
- ...Karnit is only more convinced Maya was just a disturbed kid
+ Ruthie is still awesome, in case anyone wondered
~ What’s up with Yinon and Liezer, anyway?
+ Noam makes some distressing statements, and Grandpa Uzi is very concerned...
~ Shelly and Roie’s discovery rattled someone’s cage, but in a good or a bad way?

Other notes.
~ Ramon Prison, which Shelly and Roie visit in this episode, is situated near Mitzpe Ramon. That puts it some 150km/2hr from Eilat.
~ Something which would be implicit to Israeli viewers but not necessarily obvious to outsiders it the situation of the Sawaed family. As a (Bedouin) Arab, Amir Sawaed volunteered for enlistment - he had no duty of draft. Bedouins do that to make a living, and in hopes of improving their community's standing to the wider (Jewish) Israeli society. The second consideration... doesn't work out: the Bedouins may well be the most marginalized group in Israel. Moreover, the Sawaed family would've been open to violence from their community due to Amir's choice to enlist. This makes Amir's apparent abandonment by the military all the more bitter. The story presented in this episode? National headlines.

Content advisory.
~ A snake (nothing happens to anybody)
~ Karnit and the school counselor are horrible; adult women dismissing teenaged girls (and teenagers in general)
~ Self-inflicted violence (sharp blade, not life threatening) in the last scene (at Ramon Prison)

Streaming: here.
Download: directions for FF here, a similar solution for Chrome should exist.