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Has anyone ever read/seen the Women in Refrigerators meme/trope done right?

Morning :)

I'm sure everyone/s familiar with the Women in Refrigerators idea, where a woman is tortured/harmed/threatened etc. to further a man's story. Has anyone read/seen a story where she is harmed because of him, he does rescue her, and yet it ends up propelling them both along? She gets revenge as well as he does, for example.

I went to a Hobbit marathon yesterday, saw Battle of the Armies for the first time. While I would have liked to see the younger actresses take a more aggressive part , there were at least three actresses who did, two of them main characters.

For some reason, this started me thinking about part of a story I wrote years ago that is WiR themed - she is tortured and dumped, and so he goes after her torturers. I do want to use this eventually; he very rarely shows emotion and he does in these scenes. Yet I know better now than to fall too far into a WiR scenario. But I'm iffy on how. Plotting is not my strong point. .

If I can get some ideas from reading, I'd have something for my brain to mull over until I'm prepared to dig up that story.

I may have to combine it with other bits and pieces, but I have enough on my plate that I've planned to be written first.

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It took years to happen, but sort of? They fridged Black Canary in the Green Arrow comics, letting her live but stripping her power and leaving her fragile for a while. Then, a few years later, they basically shoved Green Arrow into nearly the same situation she'd gotten into...and let her rescue him. While he had been supportive during her therapy, it turned out his ego couldn't quite cope with having been the weak one, which leads to interesting side issues of the trope.
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I would say the Crixus/Naevia plotline in Spartacus is like that. They're both slaves and in love; Crixus is also compelled to have sex with the house's mistress. When she discovers about Crixus and Naevia, she has Naevia sold with a request to have Naevia abused and raped along the way. When the slaves revolt, Naevia is saved and learns to fight, so she can exact her own revenge against the Romans who enslaved them both.
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Yeah, I'd second this one. I think I like it because they play out the consequences of what happened to Naevia very realistically, and her PTSD isn't just dismissed after a few episodes or ignored altogether, it's a major part of her character. So the emotional arc of the story doesn't just belong to Crixus, it belongs to Naevia too, and they both get focus in the fallout.
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This isn't quite the same thing, but there are a number of (completely unrelated) yuletide stories this year that tell stories from the point of view of murder victims. In case that's of interest.