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Show: B'Tulot (Maidens)

Today I'm here to promote a show. Anybody want a show about a female police officer, with a good marriage, a child and solid friendships with other women, working to solve the (supernatural) mystery of her sister's disappearance, and older men be damned? For bonus points, the cast is overwhelmingly non-White.

If so, then I got a show for you.

When a woman’s body is found in the mountains above sleepy resort town Eilat, it turns out to be the body of Maya Rajouan, sister of local Foreigners Dept. officer, Shelly Rajouan (Maggie Azarzer). Maya has been missing-presumed-dead for 17 years, but she’s only just died, no signs of violence or maltreatment on her body. Investigating Maya Rajouan’s death are Shelly’s commander Neri (Moris Cohen) and his right hand, Major Crimes detective Karnit (Rotem Abouhab) - who is also involved in another case of Shelly’s: the mysterious drowning of three asylum seekers and even more mysterious survival of a fourth.

But neither case may be what it seems to. Shelly smells a mystery. Assisting Shelly are rookie officer Roy (Roy Nick), a recent transfer from Tel Aviv; her husband Haim (Tzahi Halevi); and the childhood best friend of Maya and her, Elinor (Efrat Dor). Shelly is determined to find out the truth, and she isn’t going to let anyone stop her: whether her fellow cops, her father Uzi (Sasson Gabai) or his best friend Hefetz (Alon Aboutboul).

+ All the women (primarily ages 30-40)
+ Relationships between women
+ Good marriages
+ Predominantly non-White cast
+ Low likelihood of gore and express violence
+ Takes on issue of race and immigration; first episode is grounds for cautious optimism

So far only one episode came out, but it looks real good and both the production house and the creators have good reputaitons. The cast's kickass - lots of big-name actors, and the creators very cheerfully say they let their lead have the final say on people cast as her character's family and friends.

As you may have figured out by now, the show's not in English - but that's what fansubs are for. You can find the first episode here (link), streaming. (Stream can be downloaded with the appropriate browser extensions.) Expected run is 9-10 episodes.
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This looks like something I could watch with my mom! The streaming site defeats me though, are there any instructions for using it with Firefox on Mac OS X? I can't install any apps unless I am very sure they aren't malware.
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one thing to be aware off - it ends with a hell of a cliffy,and I suspect every episode will end this way.
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[personal profile] msilverstar 2014-12-03 04:38 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you SO MUCH for the instructions! I've been looking for something like NetVideoHunter as well.