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Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods ([personal profile] marvelous_mods) wrote in [community profile] shes_awesome2013-05-15 10:38 pm

Advertisement: New Marvel Community, Marvelous Heroines

Good evening, [community profile] shes_awesome! We're the mods of a brand new community celebrating the fantastic and fierce women of Marvel, and we'd love it if you'd consider joining our ranks.


Community Description: We're dedicated to the fantastic female characters found in the Marvel Multiverse, which includes but is not limited to comics, movies, one-shots, and television programming. The purpose of [community profile] marvelous_heroines is to establish a place on Dreamwidth where fans can gather to discuss, squee, fangirl/fanboy, and share their varied creations, be it fiction, artwork, icons, and so on. All submissions must contain one awesome Marvel lady, but the boys can come play too.

We're a brand new community, and extremely interested in providing content everyone loves. Membership is OPEN, and anyone is welcome to post their Marvel-related thoughts and events so long as they abide by community rules (see our profile page for more info). We're hoping to make it a warm and welcoming place for everyone, so won't you please stop by and give us a try?

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you there. :)

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