Dec. 21st, 2014

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This week on Maidens:

~ Complicated face-off including Shelly, Hefetz, Oggy, several guns and a camel
~ Just because Neri is actually trying to protect Shelly doesn’t mean he’s going to let her get away with shit
~ We find out what Roie is really doing in Eilat
+ La’tai finds Phillipus an appropriate translator (the translator and La'tai's best friend: both women)
+ And Shelly might have some siren in her after all...

Content advisory.
~ Resolution of the situation with Oggy, compliant with the show's line of "The easy suspect is rarely the right supect". Oggy very much presented as an adult, complex person who is loved by his family the way he is, but this sequence (nearly 15min long) may still be difficult to negotiate.
~ The show continues to deal directly and honestly with the vulnerability of refugees, and their extortion by both traffickers or police. (Characters who are refugees are very much presented as their own persons with their own agendas and identities other than "refugee".) Mentions of trafficking and the torture camps in Sinai.
~ There’s an unmistakable sex scene; no genitalia shown (primary or secondary), equal amounts of male and female skin, and some really unmistakable body language and facial expressions. Also kink, under cut because spoilery. )

Streaming: here.
Download: directions for FF here, a similar solution for Chrome should exist.


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