Dec. 14th, 2014

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This week on Maidens:

- Karnit has a really bad attitude for investigating the putative stalking, harassment and murder of a 15yr old girl
+ Ruthie is pretty wonderful with her brother's family and his daughter in particular
+ Translator lady is back! Her name is La'tai and she's awesome.
+ Shelly and Elinor hug, share a beer, and talk
~ Shelly confronts Hefetz; we meet his wife and son, and they have their secrets, too
~ The mystery around Noam intensifies...

(This episode is so, so much with the relationships between women. Sometimes friendly and sometimes antagonistic, sometimes caring and sometimes horrible, but always their own persons with their own agendas and priorities and histories. Also love the age range: we've got a little girl, 3 30-somethings, 2 ~40yr and 2 ~60yr olds.)

Content advisory. See above on Karnit's behavior. Caution advised for anyone with history regarding male-on-female sexual abuse (specifically of teenagers) and domestic abuse: the entire Hefetz family (his first name is apparently Menachem) are being Creepy and Disturbing. Caution also advised for a potentially upsetting depiction of a mentally disabled person. Spoilers under cut. ) And lastly, between Shelly's street-rat vocab and resident racist Vlad, both the c-word and the n-words appear.

Israeli note. Something that really stood out to me and I'm not sure how noticeable it'll be to persons not familiar with the way ethnicities work in Israel, is that the confrontation between Karnit and Shelly (specifically early in this episode) is a lot about them being Mizrachi women in a society where the privileged group are Ashkenazi men. There's specific language in Israeli vernacular to insult Mizrachi women as such, denigrating them as trashy, dramatic bimbos. If you think that's a pervasive perception used to belittle and dismiss the voices of Mizrachi women, you're correct. It's significantly less bad now, but it was probably absolutely horrible to Karnit as a younger woman. Karnit is coming across as someone who'd had to adapt in painful ways in order to earn her place (and who's showing the damages for that); Shelly insists on being accepted the way she is. (There's interesting meta with the Complicatedness of Elinor and Maya as depicted in this episode, but I digress.)

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