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Is anyone interested in a discussion of this film? I'm guessing by now a lot of people have seen it and so far I get the impression the general reviews have been positive. What do you think? I believe she definitely qualifies as an awesome woman. :-)

Disclaimer: My only knowlegde of the character stems from DC's animated series, I haven't ever read a WW comic but I'm told by more knowledgeable fans the animated series got her essence right.

Some points to talk about:

- portrayal of Amazons
- representation of different kinds of women in general
- Diana as a role model
- fun factor :-)
- portrayal of Steve Trevor and his interactions with Diana
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To kick things off, I thought I'd put up a discussion post. Feel free to jump in!

The fall tv season is starting up and there are all sorts of new shows with potentially awesome women in them premiering. What new show are you most looking forward to? What awesome women are you happy to have back in your life now that summer is over?

Personally, I was really impressed with the premiere of The Good Wife last night but that might just be because I'm a little in love with Christine Baranski.


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