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Sgt. Alice Shephard, on the original "Equalizer," played by Chad Redding

I got the chance a few days ago to enjoy an episode of EQ, and Shadowplay was next up on my rewatch-Control-episodes list. I didn't remember it very well; he's not in it much. I had forgotten how awesome Sgt. Alice Shephard is in it.

(Season 3, episode 8, aired 11/11/1997, for the imdb page).

Shadowplay is an Oliver North type episode. Andrew Banks has the Ollie North role. He's testifying in a hearing and stonewalling and lying all the way. Turns out Sgt. Shephard is also Banks' friend. She notices when his police protection is pulled, and raises heck about it, both onscreen and off. She defends herself and him when the bullets start flying, though there is a bit of damsel-in-distress. She stays cool under fire, and tries to get him to reconsider, as do a few others. They seem to lean towards a relationship, but she never loses her head over him, and by the end, she's not heartbroken. She's realistic, and unfortunately, he fulfills her expectations.

She's not a stereotype.

Shadowplay isn't Shephard's only appearance, but it's the one I remember seeing her the most. I'll probably add to this when I watch her other appearances. Ms. Redding also worked as a major guest star on the show as a reporter, in the episode "Pretenders." She was great there as well, but I like her as Alice the most.


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