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You shouldn't have to install anything to watch the streaming. If you want to capture the stream and save it to your harddrive, I'm using NetVideoHunter extension on Firefox and can verify it's not malware.

If getting to the stream is confusing:

* On the first page, there will be an orange countdown button that after ~5sec changes to "Continue". When it says continue, click it. (There's a mock video above that, do not click that.)

* A still of the video will load. There will be an ad over it. Locate the grey X to close the ad. (The "watch in HD" thing is an ad. Don't click any "play" buttons until you closed the ad.)

* Hit play! The video will load once it buffers.

To capture the stream:

* Click the blue NetVideoHunter button in the toolbar
* Bottom-right corner, click "Options"
* Chose the folder you want to save the file to
* Now click "download" next to the appropriate content in the left bar
* This will now behave like a regular Firefox download

The video doesn't need to buffer or play all the way through to be downloaded. Usually I wait for it to start playing, hit pause and that's enough.

Hope this helps!

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