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Sylv ([personal profile] sylvaine) wrote in [community profile] shes_awesome2014-06-14 08:00 pm

Promo: Queer Werewolf Ladies Commentfic Fest!

[personal profile] gorgeousnerd is holding a Queer Werewolf Ladies Commentfic Fest at the moment! The fest, as the name implies, aims to increase the amount of queer female-identified werewolves in fandom, whether those werewolves are canonical or AU! All types of fanworks are encouraged, including but not limited to fic, art, crafts, vids, podfic, reclists, or anything else you can think of. All fandoms - both RPF and FPF - as well as original works are welcome. Come play with us! Leave a prompt, create something, read/look at/listen to/watch/etc. the fills, and spread the word!