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jjhunter ([personal profile] jjhunter) wrote in [community profile] shes_awesome2012-09-11 07:48 am

"Downtown Women" featured this week @ [community profile] poetree

If early 20th century union organizer Bessie Abramowitz Hillman isn't awesome, I don't know who is. Julia Stein gives her breath again in the poem Downtown Women featured this week at [community profile] poetree. Also of interest to this community would be [personal profile] lizcommotion's post today Downtown Women: Broad Historical Context.

For more information about forthcoming posts at POETREE this week, see Multi-Hosted Week: One Poem In Depth - Julia Stein's "Downtown Women" @ [community profile] poetree. Note too that we're running labor-themed challenges for writers and readers of poetry that can net you free dreamwidth points, an icon, or a poem.